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April 20, 2015 by dayzchainofficial

Search here for any questions you may have!

New to Dayzchain? Here’s how it works.

Dayzchain is an online marketplace for sharing DJ and producer equipment with other people in your city.
Our members rent everything from mixers to controllers, turntables to speakers. If you can find it at a mobile DJ gig, in a studio, or on tour – you’ll find it on Dayzchain.

Need equipment last minute? Use Dayzchain to find exactly what you need locally. You can rent directly from a trusted network and because you’re renting direct from the owner, our prices are the most competitive in town.

 Got equipment that you’re not using all the time? Rent it out and make some extra cash! Every rental on Dayzchain is protected by one of our coverage options, and we verify each person who joins the site, so you can rent out your gear with confidence.

DJs around the world willingly share equipment but need a platform. Dayzchain is the perfect platform for all gear heads, mobile DJs, retaikers, rental companies and more.

Ready to rent? Sign up on the homepage right here.

In order to protect our community and provide a safe and seamless experience to all our users, we need to verify the identity of each person who signs up to use the site. 

Just like if you were renting equipment from a rental house, we require a copy of your state-issued ID to keep on file.

Once you’ve uploaded a picture of your ID to your profile and we’ve verified your ID, you won’t need to go through this process again.

What IDs are accepted?
Please provide a drivers license or state-issued ID. Drivers licenses and state-issued IDs need to be in their original form (plastic cards) when scanned or photographed to be recognized. Full color scans will only be accepted. In some cases, foreign nationals with valid proof of U.S. visa status can upload their passport biographic page.

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Instant Book listings allow you to reserve gear in just a few clicks, with no wait time for owner approval. Instant Book listings are marked with a lightning bolt icon and the words ‘Instant Book’.

To use Instant Book, simply click on the listing, enter your rental dates, choose your coverage and click the “Book Now” button. This will submit payment and confirm your booking immediately.

Please note, if you wish to book a rental starting in less than 24 hours, you must submit a regular rental request for the owner to approve.

Instant Book rentals are subject to our standard Cancellation Policy.

Can I authorize someone else to pick up or drop off equipment for me?

Delivery Options

Owners can opt in to deliver some items for a fee. For these rentals you’ll see a “Owner offers delivery for a fee” message on the listings. After the rental request has been accepted, feel free to let the owner know you would like delivery for that rental, and they will quote you a price.

Instant Delivery
Have your shipped immediately by select owners. We know situations arise where equipment is needed at odd times of the day – For an additional fee – Instant Delivery of equipment direct to you is offered.

What happens if I return equipment late?

All gear is expected to be returned by 12 noon on the designated return day. You should strive to return your rentals on time. If you expect to return a rental late, contact the owner immediately. As a renter, you will build your reputation in the ShareGrid community and a late return may be reflected in your profile reviews. If you receive negative reviews, owners may be hesitant to rent to you in the future and your account may be suspended or terminated.

Furthermore, we can charge a late fee per the owner’s request if you do not return the gear on time. This is on a per day basis. So if you return the gear at 5pm when it was expected by 12 noon, you will be charged a full additional day.

How should I prepare to pick up my rental?

  • Make sure to bring a valid ID.
  • Bring a copy of the rental confirmation. Email confirmation works.
  • Stay in communication with the owner and be sure to give yourself ample time to prep and check the gear you’re renting.
  • Be on time.
  • Account for travel time and traffic.
  • If you’re going to be late, make sure to be in communication with the other party.



How do I offer Instant Book as an Owner?
With the Instant Book feature enabled on your listings, renters can immediately book your items for any available date on your calendar, provided the rental start time is at least 24 hours away. The rental will be confirmed immediately – you do not need to accept the request.

This is a great way to make your listings stand out from the crowd, and to encourage more bookings for your items.

What are the benefits of Instant Book?

  • Instant Book ‘Lightning Bolt’ badge on your listings.
  • Instant Book listings rank higher in search results. Renters can also filter results to see only items that offer Instant Book.
  • Positive impact on your Response Time statistic.
  • Less time spent messaging to arrange and confirm rentals.
  • Increase in rental bookings.
  • Offers the quickest path to Elite status.

How do I offer Instant Book on my listings?

At launch, Instant Book will be available to a limited number of equipment owners.

If you’d like to be considered for the Instant Book program, please email us at

Once you’re part of the program, it’s easy to turn on Instant Book for any of your listings. Here’s how it works:

  1. Go to your profile page and click one of your listings. 
  2. Click the “Enable Instant Book” checkbox. 
  3. To turn off Instant Book, simply uncheck the “Enable Instant Book” checkbox.

You can enable or disable the Instant Book feature at any time.

In order to be part of the Instant Book program, gear owners must maintain an up-to-date calendar for all items in their inventory.

Can I cancel Instant Book rentals?

Cancellations by owners for Instant Book rentals are strongly discouraged, and are only permitted in certain situations. Please review our policy regarding cancellations.
The cancellation policy for Instant Book rentals is different from regular rentals on dayZchain. Please read on for more information.


As a renter, our standard Cancellation Policy applies to Instant Book rentals.


Cancellations by owners for Instant Book rentals are strongly discouraged, since the program is designed to provide renters with quick, guaranteed access to gear on the site. Cancelling these rentals may cause your account to be removed from the Instant Book program.

Cancellations are permitted in the following limited situations:

  • The renter has several unfavorable reviews that warrant concern.
  • The renter plans to use your gear for an activity or in an environment you are not comfortable with. Such as filming a solar eclipse or filming in a sandy environment. 
  • The renter does not answer questions in a timely manner over dayZchain messaging.
  • The renter requires delivery to a location you do not wish to deliver to.
  • The renter requires additional items that are not listed for Instant Book and are not available. 

Cancellations for other reasons are not permitted and may result in your account being removed from the Instant Book program.

How do I add a fee for delivery?

What happens if my listing is priced too low?
We want to keep prices on Day Z Chain competitive, yet fair and at market value. To encourage this, we reward members who price their gear  close to the average price for that equipment. These owners get preferential ranking in search results, among a host of other benefits.

Owners who deviate too far from that average price will lose out on these benefits. When you’re listing gear, our system will show you if you’re pricing your item too low. Our system will determine what is too low based on averages of the community. This algorithm is applied to ALL categories, products and communities. If you list packages with multiple items, our trusty algorithm will still apply. 

Here are some of the ways your listing and account will be affected if you price your listing too low:

  1.  Lower Search Rank (Best Match). Your low-priced listing will be removed from our Best Match searching tool. Best Match is the most popular way for members to find gear in our marketplace. It is our default searching option and allows members to easily find gear that matches their needs.
  2.  No Featured Spots in The Newsletter. Your listing will not be featured in our weekly newsletter. Every week we send a newsletter to our community with featured gear of the week. This email generates significant traffic for featured members, which typically leads to rentals. However, if your prices are too low, you will miss out on this extra traffic.
  3. No Free Promotions. We spend a significant amount of money on paid advertising (Facebook, Google, etc.) for our members for no extra charge. If your prices are too low you will also lose out on this perk.
  4. Ineligible for Elite Badges. Though a manual process, we always reserve the right to revoke any members Elite badge for a number of reasons. If our team feels that your prices are negatively affecting the community as a whole, we will first give you a warning and suggest a price that is deemed still competitive yet within a fair range. If you do not comply, we will revoke your Elite status until you do.

We understand that this may seem harsh. However, rather than implement strict parameters that you must work within, we simply discourage outlier pricing as an effort to maintain a healthy marketplace for all. 

Do you set prices or do I?

The prices you set are up to you.

We also strongly recommend you compare prices to online competitors such as Guitar Center.

If you want one of our team members to suggest a competitive price, contact us and we will be happy to help you.

How do I receive payments?
You must link a Paypal account which is connected to a personal checking / debit account with your profile in order to receive payments from a rental. You can enter these details in your profile in your account settings.

When do I get paid?
Rental proceeds are paid out at the end of the rental. Once your equipment is returned, open the rental conversation from your message inbox and click “Mark as Complete”.

Once the rental is completed, your profit will be deposited to your Stripe account balance within 2-3 business days. The balance will then be paid out to your connected bank account.

Service Fee
We charge renters a 10% Service Fee on each booking.

This fee helps cover the costs of ID verification, security, customer service, feature improvements, dispute mitigation, and credit card processing that the community incurs.

We are currently working to add a Damage Waiver Program that allows your Renters to purchase Damage and Theft Protection while it’s in their possession. However, we currently do not offer the waiver yet. Therefore, we believe establish trust will be an absolute priority as we begin the process to adding this service.

FYI – In the insurance world, no coverage exists that can account for equipment lost or stolen during a rental period. However there are policies and measures that both the Lister and Renter can take to protect their equipment.

As we move forward with our Insurance Provider, we encourage all members to utilize all steps to protecting your equipment and to avoid any suspicious Renters. It is priority for Day Z Chain to vet all members in this community and assure our Listers that they can safely rent their equipment. Therefore, no rental will be approved without ID verification. 

Until we establish our insurance policies, there are some ways we suggest you protect your equipment:

1. CASES – We offer an exclusive discount to Listers looking for equipment cases. Whether it’s for turntables, mixers, or grooveboxes protecting your case is the very first step you can take to assure your equipment is safe in transit. Use this discount code: DAYZCHAIN at select retailers to receive a discount of up to 20% on Magma bags or cases.

Participating Retailers Include: Mega DJ Center (USA) + Rock and Soul (USA)

2. KNOW YOUR NETWORK / RENT TO THE “HOMIES” – Don’t rent to anyone you don’t personally have a connection with or know. This is extremely important because this is how the community currently operates. Day Z Chain simply provides a platform for all equipment owners to network and grow together. 

3. CONSIDER A SECURITY DEPOSIT – You can set a security deposit when uploading to your profile. This ensures the date is booked and that you have a positive connection with a bank or credit line in the case damage or theft occurs. To add a Security Deposit when uploading..

a. Login to your Day Z Chain account and click + Add New Listing
b. Begin filling out the Description of your equipment then navigate to Price

c. Under Security Deposit, name your price.

4. READ + UNDERSTAND HOW YOU’RE PROTECTED UNDER THE TERMS + CONDITIONS – Every Lister and Renter is protected, but also liable to situations set forth under the guidelines we have outlined in our Terms Of Conditions. Understanding the scenarios and conditions you are held responsible for as a Lister or Renter is extremely important. 

We understand plans change, and sometimes you may need to cancel a rental.

If you need to cancel, the first step is to let the other person know. Give them as much notice as possible, so they have time to plan.

Cancellations can be disruptive for both renters and owners, so in some cases we need to impose penalties.

Cancelling unconfirmed requests

As a renter, you can cancel unconfirmed requests with no penalty. Simply open the conversation for the rental and click the ‘Cancel’ button.

Tip: You can tell that a request is unconfirmed when the status on the rental conversation shows: ‘Waiting for [name of owner]’. This means the owner has not yet accepted the request.

Cancelling booked rentals

As a renter, if you want to cancel a confirmed rental, open the conversation thread for that rental and press the ‘Cancel’ button.

If it’s more than 48 hours before the start of your rental, the authorization charge on your card will be voided and returned to your card within 2-3 business days.

If you cancel within 2 hours of a request being accepted, no cancellation fee will be imposed.

Last-minute cancellations, no-shows and fees

As a renter, if you cancel within 48 hours of pickup time, we reserve the right to charge a fee of up to 50% of the rental cost, at the owner’s request.

If you cancel within 24 hours of pickup time, we reserve the right to charge a fee of up to 100% of the rental cost, at the owner’s request.

If you do not cancel a booked rental, and you do not pick up the equipment, or the owner cannot contact you, you will be charged the full rental amount.

If you have any questions about your insurance policy, contact Athos Insurance directly at 

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Do I have to pay to list equipment?
There is no fee to list equipment on dayZchain and it will always be free to list.

How can I create a custom listing?

Sometimes renters request a particular package or combination of items, or a special discount. In order to keep the transaction simple, you can create a custom listing.

This is the same as creating a regular listing, but you tailor it to the person who’s renting from you. Be sure to:

  • List everything that’s included in the package – this is important for insurance purposes.
  • Set an accurate replacement value for the whole package.
  • Set the price based on what you’ve discussed with the renter.

Some owners choose to list the renter’s name in the title of the package.

You can also block out the calendar for the package (or ‘close’ the listing) after the booking is complete, if you only want to make it available to one renter.

We encourage owners to create packages that they believe will appeal to renters. A lot of owners post items ala carte and also create a few different packages that can fit different people’s needs and budgets. If you have a lot of gear and need guidance, contact us and we can help you list your equipment!


How should I prepare before my Renter prepares for pick up?
As an owner, help your rental transaction go more smoothly by following these tips.

Prepare your gear

  • Double-check that all items are present.
  • Clean and test everything.
  • Make sure all cables are prepared.
  • Inventory your gear, and pack it carefully.

Coordinate pickup

  • Give clear directions to meetup location.
  • Be available to respond to texts, phone calls or emails.
  • Be on time.

At the meeting

  • Check the renter’s ID when they arrive, and make sure the name matches their profile. If the renter has added an Authorized Person, check their ID, and make sure the name matches the name shown in the rental conversation thread. Do not hand over equipment without checking the person’s ID.
  • Allow enough time to assist the renter as they prep and check your equipment.
  • Run through the a digital check sheet with the renter. The renter can access this from their phone or laptop. You’ll complete the check sheet when the renter returns the equipment.

Do I have to provide an equipment case or bag?

Although it is not mandatory, we highly recommend that you lend the equipment case to the renter so your equipment is transferred safely and always protected when not in use. If it normally comes in a case or bag, please make that clear in the listing’s description.

What do I do if a Renter is late to return my equipment? Can I apply a late fee?

If the Renter is late in returning your gear, please try to get in touch with them ASAP about an accurate return time. Regardless, if they are returning your gear late, a late fee can be enforced by the dayZchain staff.

In the confirmation page/email, we state that a Renter is subject to a late fee (additional day(s) of rental) if they fail to return your gear by 12pm (local time) on the return date (drop-off date). Exceptions can be made if the pickup and drop-off days are the same day or consecutive (ie, Wednesday and Thursday). This charge is completely manual and is enforced by the dayZchain staff for everyone’s protection. If the Owner believes they are owed a late fee, they need to notify us and we will confirm with the Renter that they are being charged a late fee.

What happens if a Renter doesn’t return my equipment?
Renters on dayZchain must select a coverage option for each rental they make on the site. We offer multiple coverage options that renters can purchase instantly. Most of these cover theft, where the rented equipment is stolen from the renter. 

What happens if the renter does not return the equipment?

If a renter does not return equipment, and it has not been stolen or lost, it’s called voluntary parting. Law enforcement agencies and insurance companies typically consider this to be a form of fraud, rather than theft. However, some states and municipalities may consider it to be theft by fraud or theft by false pretenses.

Voluntary parting is never covered by a renter’s policy, because no insurance company will cover a client who plans to commit fraud. Although voluntary parting is extremely rare (affecting less than 0.01% of rentals), owners understandably want to protect their gear in this scenario.

As an owner, this is where your own insurance comes into play. If you are concerned with renters not returning your gear, we recommend that you purchase voluntary parting coverage under your own insurance plan. If you currently do not have insurance for renting out your gear, or voluntary parting coverage, you can purchase both from our insurance partner, Athos.

As an equipment owner, should I be concerned about voluntary parting?

At Day Z Chain, we take fraud very seriously, and we work hard to create the safest possible community for our members to share equipment. We have several key security and safety measures in place to protect the community. In order to make a rental on the site, every renter on the platform must:

  1. Upload a copy of their government-issued photo ID.
  2. Upload a payment card. Our payment processor verifies that the card is valid.
  3. Purchase coverage to cover 100% of your equipment’s replacement value. If a renter uploads a third-party insurance policy, we verify the coverage directly with the insurance company.

Even with all these measures in place, we encourage you find out more about the people renting from you. Check their work experience and the links they’ve posted on their Day Z Chain profile. See if you have mutual friends on social media, and ask for references if you like. You can also choose to rent only to people with previous reviews on the platform.

If you ever have concerns about someone who is renting from you, please contact us. You are never under obligation to proceed with a rental if you are uncomfortable.